We showcase Native American jewelry artisans from all tribes. Family owned and operated for over 50 years. My grandfather and father used to trade sewing machines and rugs for jewelry on the reservation. My father fell in love with the Native American craftsmanship. So together they started taking monthly trips to the reservations to trade for merchandise that they could sell to trading post along the old route 66. Eventually he started hiring Native American silversmiths off the reservations and started his own jewelry manufacturing company. We've been hand crafting jewelry now for over 45 years. We have well known Navajo artist that build jewelry for us like: Wilburt Denetdale, James Yazzie, Kathy Yazzie, Albert Jake, Derrick Gordon and Peterson Johnson just to name a few. When we are on the road we also trade or buy direct from other well known artist or Trading Post. We specialize in Navajo jewelry but also carry some Zuni pieces. Every item that we don't build we've hand selected insuring the best quality in stone and silver work. Our silversmiths create designs like no other and take pride in every piece they create from start to finish. Our jewelry can be seen in stores, boutiques and resorts all over the United States. The stone quality we provide is beautiful and unique. Every piece is Native American handcrafted. We do not carry any imports..