“A Team Passionate About Native American Jewelry”

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Our Business

For more than 50 years, we have been a family-owned business providing unique Native American accessories. Our team does not sell imported items, only jewelry handcrafted by artisans from all tribes.

“How We Started”

A father and his son used to trade sewing machines and rugs for jewelry. They swapped goods with the locals of a Native American reservation. Eventually, the son became fascinated with the community’s jewelry craftsmanship.
He and his father then decided to take monthly trips to the reservation. Their goal was to trade merchandise that they would sell to a trading post along old Route 66.

meet the founder
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“A Successful and Lucrative Business”

Later, the son founded his own jewelry manufacturing company and hired Native American silversmiths from reservations. They have been handcrafting impressive jewelry for more than 45 years.
The son also became a father himself and now runs the company along with his family. Our items are found in many stores, boutiques, and resorts across the US.

“Masters of the Craft”

We’re proud to have well-known Navajo artists create jewelry for us. Some of them include Wilburt Denetdale, James Yazzie, Kathy Yazzie, Albert Jake, Derrick Gordon, and Peterson Johnson. From start to finish, our silversmiths are dedicated to producing one-of-a-kind designs.

meet the founder

“Finding Premium Jewelry Pieces”

Whenever we travel, we trade or buy directly from other jewelry artists or trading posts. Our team also hand-picks each item carefully. We aim to find beautiful, high-quality stones and silver works.

“Choose From Our Selection”

At SUNFACE TRADERS, we specialize in Navajo accessories and some Zuni pieces as well.
Please reach out to us for the perfect jewelry item.

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